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UP RERA News: You will not be cheated while buying a house, builder's horoscope will be in buyer's mobile.

Project Details on QR Code: After the new order of UP RERA, any home buyer will be able to easily get all the information related to the builder and his project through QR Code. This is expected to bring transparency in the entire system.
UP RERA News: You will not be cheated while buying a house, builder's horoscope will be in buyer's mobile.

Newz Fast, New Delhi UP RERA QR Code: Many times cases of fraud are reported from home buyers while purchasing a house from the builder. To protect buyers from any kind of fraud, UP RERA has given a new order to the builders of the state. 

In the order given by UP RERA, it was said that builders should now give such project registration certificates to buyers, which have QR code. This QR code will be for both existing and new buyers. UP RERA said, recently the certificate for project registration has been redesigned.

All information related to the project will be included

According to the statement, the new certificate will have a digital signature of the Secretary and a QR code will be given along with it. According to the information given by UP RERA, the registration certificate will include all the important information related to the project. 

This includes the name of the project, name of the builder, registration number (including month and year), time limit for completing the project (start and end date), address of the project and builder, etc.' will be.

QR code will also have to be pasted at the site office.

According to RERA, important conditions for registration will also be given in the QR code. For example, the builder will have to deposit 70 percent of the money received from the allottees and the money raised for the project in a separate bank account. 

The money in this account will be used only to meet the cost of construction and land. It will be necessary to paste the registration certificate equipped with QR code at the corporate office of the promoter and also at the site office of the project.

New initiative started to bring transparency:

By providing QR code in website and advertisement, buyers will be able to easily get the information available on RERA portal. By getting the QR code related to the project, buyers can scan it through their mobile and view information related to land, approval, progress report etc. 

on the authority's portal. UP RERA Chairman Sanjay Bhoosreddy said that this new initiative has been started to bring transparency in the industry.