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Why did Jaishankar go to Russia in 1962, told the story by sharing a picture from Moscow

Jaishankar 1962 Red Square: Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar is currently in Russia. He is going to meet many leaders including Foreign Minister Lavrov. Amidst all this, he has shown an interesting thing by showing a letter of 1962. He was a child then and came to Russia. 
Why did Jaishankar go to Russia in 1962, told the story by sharing a picture from Moscow

Newz Fast, New Delhi Jaishankar Russia Visit:  Wherever we go, memories join with us. When I get a chance to go again, old memories start floating in my mind. Perhaps Foreign Minister Jaishankar is also feeling the same in Russia at this time. Yes, he has gone to Russia on a five-day visit.

Will hold talks with many leaders including his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. Many bilateral and global issues are to be discussed. Amidst all this, Jaishankar suddenly remembered the time in 1962 when he had come to Red Square on a letter.

Yes, along with his latest picture, he has also shared an invitation letter on social media. This letter was sent to him in 1962. What was in that letter, now why did Jaishankar share it? These questions must be arising in your mind also. 

Jaishankar on Red Square

First let's talk about the picture. Jaishankar took his picture in cap and suit as soon as he landed in Moscow. The flag of Russia and buildings built in traditional style are visible in the background. This is Red Square.

This picture in itself tells that Jaishankar is in Russia. While sharing another picture, Jaishankar wrote, 'How it started and How it is going.' Actually, the next picture is of an invitation. If you do not know Russian, then at first glance you will not understand what is written. Jaishankar has tried to explain through both the pictures when he had come to Red Square for the first time and now he has come again. 

Jaishankar was only 7 years old then

After translating the invitation, it became clear that it was a kind of pass, which was sent to Jaishankar to attend a program on 18 August 1962. That day, a rally and program was to be held on Red Square to celebrate the expedition of Soviet Union astronauts. In this, cosmonaut Nikolaev A. Yes. and Popovich P.R. Name is written.

It was written in the letter that this is the first group in the world which has completed long distance space flight. This pass number was 6654. Jaishankar's name was written in bold above. When Jaishankar went to Red Square in 1962, he was only seven years old. 

Import of Russian crude oil into India has increased significantly, while there is uneasiness about it in many western countries. India has not yet condemned Russia's attack on Ukraine and has been saying that the issue should be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue. In such a situation, it is clear that the friendship between India and Russia is very strong and now Jaishankar has gone to Moscow to take relations to a new height.