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Paving the way for 75 thousand flat buyers to get homes, these big decisions were taken in the board meeting of Greater Noida Authority

Home Buyers: There are lakhs of flat buyers who are still waiting for the registration of their flats. In such a situation, there was agreement on the demands of the general public and the builders, the block government has given three months time to the builders. If a builder completes his work after three months, he will be blacklisted.
Paving the way for 75 thousand flat buyers to get homes, these big decisions were taken in the board meeting of Greater Noida Authority

Newz Fast, New Delhi: The Authority Board has taken a very important decision with the aim of providing homes to about 75 thousand flat buyers in 117 projects of builders in Greater Noida. 

In the 133rd board meeting held on Tuesday (December 26) under the chairmanship of Industrial Development Commissioner and Chairman of Noida-Greater Noida Authority Board, Manoj Kumar Singh, approval was given to adopt the government order issued by the government on implementing the recommendations of the Amitabh Kant Committee. 

It has been installed. This will enable builders to avail benefits of zero period for completion of projects, time period for deposit of dues, mortgage permission, purchase at prevailing FAR, increase in time for completion of projects, while flat buyers will get the benefit of: ) will get many benefits including registration in three months, no extra money to be paid. 

However, builders will not be able to get benefits if the conditions are violated. In this board meeting, this proposal has been approved in the presence of the three authorities and other board members including Greater Noida Authority CEO NG Ravi Kumar and Noida CEO Dr M Lokesh. 

In fact, government orders were issued by the Uttar Pradesh government on the basis of the recommendations of Amitabh Kant Committee, the former CEO of Niti Aayog. 

To implement these recommendations, proposals were made in the board meeting of Noida-Greater Noida Authority held on 26 December.

Announcement of many reliefs to complete incomplete projects

In order to provide houses to the flat buyers, the authority chairman and all other board members immediately agreed to adopt it. 

Many reliefs have been announced to complete the incomplete projects. Under the Corona epidemic, builders will be given the benefit of zero period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022. 

As per the orders of NGT, the benefit of zero period will be available from 14th August 2013 to 19th August 2015 within 10 km radius of Okhla Bird Sanctuary. 

This will be applicable on case to case basis. After availing the benefit of zero period, 25% of the outstanding amount will have to be deposited within 60 days. 

The remaining 75% money will have to be deposited with simple interest in three years. Now the co-developer will be able to get permission to complete the project.

Both will be responsible for paying the outstanding amount of the authority. Partial surrender of unused land of the project will be allowed. 

The authorities will adjust the amount already paid for the surrendered land with the dues of the builder. 

The Authority may cancel the allotment of the partial portion if the outstanding amount is not paid. The outstanding amount will be verified by an independent CA. 

No additional fees will be charged from buyers of projects benefiting from this policy. After fulfilling all the rules, additional FAR can be given at the prevailing rate. 

Maximum 3 years will be given to complete the project without any extension fee. PTM will be allowed on depositing Rs. 25 against the total dues. The outstanding payment will have to be deposited within a maximum of three years. 

The dues amount up to Rs 100 crore will be deposited within one year. An amount up to Rs 500 crore will have to be paid in two years and more than that in three years. You will get 60 days time to deposit 25% of the dues.

Home buyers will get ownership rights

Industrial Development Commissioner Manoj Kumar Singh said that this initiative of the government will provide great relief to the buyers. OC-CC of all the constructed flats will be done. 

The names of the buyers living in the flats will soon be registered. This will give ownership rights to the buyers. 

The recommendations of the committee will be applicable to the group housing projects of the authorities. 

If there is a commercial part in group housing then it will be applicable in that also. Township development projects will also be within its scope.

If the group housing project is in NCLT or court, then it can avail the benefit of this package only when it withdraws its case, but these recommendations are not applicable to the group housing project of Sports City Project, Group Housing Project included in Recreation Entertainment Park Scheme. Will be. 

Apart from this, these recommendations will not be valid in commercial, institutional and industrial projects. 

Greater Noida Authority's ACEO Medha Rupam, Amandeep Duli, ACEO Soumya Srivastava, Annapurna Garg, Ashutosh Dwivedi, ACEO Sunil Kumar Singh, YIDA's ACEO Shruti and all senior officials were present in the meeting.

Agreement on increasing the rates of industrial plots up to 20 thousand square meters
The Greater Noida Authority Board has approved an average 12% increase in the rates of plots up to 20 thousand square meters. 

It has been agreed to increase the price of all categories of plots up to 1000 square meters to Rs 29,238 per square meter. 

Similarly, the price of plots of all categories ranging from 1001 square meters to 20,000 square meters has been increased to Rs 23,975 per square meter. There has been no change in the category and prices of remaining plot sizes.

Group Housing Project Visitors Parking Mandatory

The Greater Noida Authority Board has approved the proposal to make 5% visitor parking mandatory in group housing projects. 

Single parking is necessary even in single buildings. This will resolve the disputes regarding parking of visitors in societies. 

This system will be applicable to all projects, new and old. Objections/suggestions will be sought from the general public on this provision. After that the final form will be given.

Relief from the board to industrial, IT and institutional units

Keeping investment and employment in mind, Greater Noida Authority Board has given big relief to industrial, IT and ITES industries which have not been able to get completion and functional certificates till now. 

These units have been given time till December 31, 2024 to obtain completion certificate and functional certificate. 

To avail this benefit, these units will have to pay the prescribed fee. The board has also given big relief to institutional units. 

The units which have not been able to register till now have been given time till December 31, 2024 to make the payment. Similarly, time has been given till December 31, 2025 for map approval and completion.

OTS scheme on outstanding water bills

Greater Noida Authority Board has also given big relief to water defaulters. The Board will provide 40% rebate in the total interest on depositing the defaulted amount till January 31, 2024 from the date of issue of office order on water price amount pending till March 31, 2024. 

Similarly, there will be 30% discount on deposit from 1st February to 29th February and 20% discount on deposit from 1st March to 31st March 2024. The authority owes about Rs 34 crore to water defaulters.

Instructions to supply Ganga water to all sectors

The Greater Noida Authority Board also reviewed the Ganga Water Project. The Chairman gave instructions to work rapidly on this project and deliver Ganga water to all the sectors soon. Till now Ganga water has reached about 40 sectors.

Relief to 231 allottees of Housing Scheme 2010

The Greater Noida Authority Board has approved the refund of the amount deposited by 231 allottees of RPS 02 Housing Scheme 2010 in Sector Zeta Two. 

The allottees of this scheme who have been waiting for a long time will get great relief.

Relaxation in rules regarding completion certificates for residential properties
Greater Noida Authority Board has decided to give relaxation in the rules of completion certificates on compensated ground for single residential buildings. 

On the death of the original allottee, his heirs did not complete the completion process. Similarly, after applying for completion of the work on behalf of the original allottee, the process could not be completed due to serious illness. 

Officers or employees working in the army or paramilitary forces could not take the work completion certificate due to duty at sensitive places. 

In all such cases, extension certificate will not be taken from the applicants after the date of application.

SOP of all three authorities soon

There is a plan to make SOP of Noida-Greater Noida and Yamuna Authority soon. The Greater Noida Authority Board has given the responsibility to M/s SAARC Associates to bring uniformity in the policies, rules and regulations of the three authorities. This will provide great convenience to the allottees.

MoU between authority and CRRI soon

Greater Noida Authority Board has agreed to enter into MoU between Central Research Institute (CRRI) and Greater Noida Authority. 

CRRI will assist the authority in the construction of roads in Greater Noida through modern technology and in increasing transparency and quality, making footpaths made of tiles made from waste material, doing third party assessment of roads, traffic planning etc.